From 2011-2014, the ACM SIGCHI Executive Committee sponsored a project on HCI education. A workshop on developing a HCI living curriculum was held at CHI2014, but the proposed curriculum does not yet exist.

Workshop Goals

This CHI2018 workshop will build on these efforts by moving toward implementing the living curriculum, a community of practice (CoP) of HCI scholars and educators, sharing and collaborating to develop course outlines, curricula, and teaching materials. We seek to bring together designers, researchers, and educators to:

  1. define the conceptual framework and user experience of a living curriculum;
  2. assess tools, platforms and services that may already exist and assess their long-term viability and value;
  3. articulate the information architecture and infrastructure for the CoP; and
  4. create working groups to implement the HCI living curriculum post-workshop.

Application Instructions

Interested applicants should apply by sending a 2-4 page paper (in CHI Extended Abstracts format) to by 2 February 2018 describing:

  • their background
  • their interests in the HCI living curriculum, and
  • how they would contribute to the development of its conceptual framework and information architecture.

Applicants will be selected based on their experience, perspective, and potential contribution to achieving the workshop goals. Successful applicants will be asked to prepare one design artifact or prop that will be used during the workshop.

All accepted submissions and artifacts will be posted on this workshop website.

At least one author of each accepted paper must register for the workshop and at least one day of the conference.